why BSDs got no love

Randi Harper randi at freebsd.org
Wed Dec 23 15:25:30 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 6:50 AM, Julian H. Stacey <jhs at berklix.com> wrote:
> Peer Schaefer <peer.schaefer at hamburg.de> wrote:
>> BTW, the Debian installer consists (a) of a modular, frontend agnostic
>> backend, and (b) different frontend "plugins", e.g. a curses-frontend or
>> a X/GTK+-frontend. This is a modular and very elegant approach (but
>> surely difficult to implement).
> Perhaps the way to go is a common table of target defaults eg
>        /usr/src/usr.sbin/sysinstall/install.cfg
> Which could then be edited by all of
>        Front end CLI           (*)
>        Front end curses GUI    (*)
>                (*)             Maybe these 2 alternatives should be
>                                the first question the installer asks ?
>        Front end X11 GUI (for later after main install complete
>                                - Shudder, Not that I'd use it, but someone
>                                  would probably want to write one).
>        vi - for editing, & writing back to new boot media,
>                to auto install on multiple identical new machines.

I would sooner stab myself in the face.

> All of 4.11, 7.1 & 8.0 man sysinstall contain:
>        This product is currently at the end of its life cycle and
>        will eventually be replaced.

Sure, once someone writes something everyone can agree upon. Until
then, sorry, you're stuck with sysinstall. :)

-- randi

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