Future of comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce Newsgroup

John Marshall john.marshall at riverwillow.com.au
Fri Dec 4 05:57:06 UTC 2009


Sorry if this topic is inappropriate for this mailing list - please
point me in the right direction if so, or pass this on to the
appropriate hat.

Readers of the FreeBSD web site and handbook are directed to the the
comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce newsgroup.  This newsgroup, created in
1995 and moderated by Jordan Hubbard, is inactive and under threat of

The newsgroup folks have started their "Moderator Vacancy Investigation"
(MVI) process for this newsgroup and unless a replacement moderator is
appointed the group will probably be removed.

I suggest that the FreeBSD Project:
  1. Respond to the MVI proposing a new moderator for the newsgroup;
  2. Arrange for the freebsd-announce mailing list to be gated to
     the newsgroup (since that fits the newsgroup's charter).

Extract from the MVI...


          Moderated by Jordan Hubbard <jkh at freefall.cdrom.com>

          This newsgroup is for announcements relating to the
          FreeBSD operating system. Things appropriate for the
          .announce group would include announcements of new
          versions of FreeBSD, announcements of major software
          releases (both commercial and freely redistributable)
          for FreeBSD (e.g. new version of X11 for FreeBSD),
          announcements of fixes for major bugs, and the like.
          FAQs relating to FreeBSD should also be cross-posted to
          this group.

  comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce is a moderated newsgroup which
  passed its vote for creation by 338:69 as reported in
  news.announce.newgroups on 22 Feb 1995.

I am happy to help if necessary but somebody like the -announce mailing
list moderator is probably more appropriate.  I have never done any
mail-to-news stuff but I could learn.

 - I mailed jkh@ on 30-Nov and got no response.
 - I mailed freebsd-www@  on 01-Dec and got no response.

Thank you.


John Marshall
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