FreeBSD Advocacy in Ticino Switzerland 2008

Salvatore Albanese salvatore at
Mon Mar 24 08:12:44 UTC 2008

Greetings all.

As part of the FreeBSD advocacy push in Ticino Switzerland 2008,

I attended the OpenExpo 2008 in Bern Switzerland and got a lot of  
good feedback
from the Open Source Software Community.

I spoke with Open Source Software vendors and exchanged ideas and  
In the after ours sessions I made a small speech about FreeBSD and  
The FreeBSD Foundation.
I also presented my FreeBSD Push 2008 in Ticino.

I got a lot of positive feedback and and offers of help with the  
seminars that will be offered at the Ticino Informatica on October.

I had lunch with Alan Cox and we shared Ideas, and the need for the  
Open Source Software community
to remain tight knit allowing Opens Source Software to become  

I also spoke with Many LINUX users who did not even know what FreeBSD  
was, Most seemed open to
explore and try out FreeBSD. On the other hand I found many LINUX  
users who also have used and currently use FreeBSD.

I took time to garner support for my FreeBSD push 2008 by asking them  
to share their solution they have developed with Open Source Software
and any FreeBSD stories that they may want to share on the New web  
site I will be creating shortly "" (The Free Business  
Association For Free Open Source Software).

I have gotten one offer of a speaker at the FreeBSD Seminar I will be  
having at the Ticino Informatica, about an implementation of Samba  
with FreeBSD

Also I spoke with a representative of Google and he told me I should  
remain in contact with possibilities of a speaker, or possible  

I am still asking for help funding and freeBSD goodies from several  
sources. if you anyone has ideas or or suggestions please contact me.
salvatore ( at) oems (dot) ch

FreeBSD Booth at the Ticino Informatica 2008 Lugano Switzerland.
Dates are October 22 -25 2008.

Please mark this on your calendar.
If you would like to take part  please contact me, all and any  
suggestion will be considered.

I would also like to see if there will be help in manning the booth.
Booth hours are 8 to 22 daily.

I am currently in contact with  GUFI  Gruppo Utente FreeBSD Italia  
(Italian FreeBSD User Group).

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