FreeBSD Contributor LinkedIn Group Available

Bob Van Valzah bob at
Wed Mar 12 21:49:18 UTC 2008

[I'm mindful that FreeBSD advocates not on LinkedIn may consider such  
topics irrelevant. This should be the last mention for a while. --Bob]

The FreeBSD Users group on LinkedIn now has 35 members in less than  
two days with the only public mention being here on the advocacy list.  
At least one committer has joined (Tom Rhodes). I'm accepting _all_  
requests to become members of the FreeBSD Users group. See earlier  
post for URL to join.

I've also just created a FreeBSD Contributors group. Use this URL if  
you're a contributor.

I plan to accept requests from those listed in

LinkedIn has a mechanism for sending out invitations. Some day when I  
have a moment, I'll grep all the E-mail addresses out of the  
contributors list and shoot them a brief invite.


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