FreeBSD User Group on LinkedIn is Open!

Bob Van Valzah bob at
Wed Mar 12 02:18:28 UTC 2008

Ok, The FreeBSD User group on LinkedIn is open!

Anybody who's already on LinkedIn may want to follow this link to join  
the group.

This is a good form of advocacy since it means the logo will appear  
whenever anybody looks at your profile on LinkedIn. You can see it on  
my public profile if you scroll all the way down to the bottom:

I never heard how to contact the author of the FreeBSD logo font so I  
piked the nearest match I could find and pasted together a FreeBSD  
User logo. I also created FreeBSD Contributor and FreeBSD Committer  
logos, but I haven't created those groups yet. The creator of a group  
is automatically a member. I suppose I could claim contributor status  
for a vinum doc I wrote long ago, but I lack the commit bit. BTW,  
there are a good number of committers already on LinkedIn: Warner  
Losh, Joseph Koshy, Mark Linimon, Nik Clayton, Max Laier, Greg Lehey,  
etc. A quick LinkedIn search on FreeBSD  committer shows about 50  
hits. One of the should probably create the committer group if there's  
interest. I'll be happy to send the logo.


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