FreeBSD-7.0-Release ? ....congrats! and what the future should be

Rick Nekus solarux at
Sat Mar 1 05:44:07 UTC 2008

Hi   /All,

generally any new release(s) need time to settle down, I don't wanna go over the the general schpeel, but I do want to say what I have thought about over the years.
-I'm using my kmess on freebsd right now for this so i hope this doesn't screw up this post.

OK, over the years I've bought Windows release(s) from Win98SE to ---->  Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
every  year I've doled out approx. $200 on the average for M$, (all total including legit anti-virus/spam/... softwre applications)
No, I don't condone pirateing of any sort!

 My Point(y hat) is that over the last 10 years I've spent $2000 to fund that ideeeot Bill.
I now wish I had given that money to FreeBSD development,... instead.

Can you imagine if everyone (ya I mean houswives, garbage men,... ALL people) just donated $100/year (thats only about $8/month) to FreeBSD
from 10 years ago to present what would it be like now. ?

 I could only imagine a universal OS thats right because the computer is the network, and the network is the computer -thankyou SUN!
(be it a server, or a desktop)
-Hardware manufacturers of PC components worldwide would NOT have to cowher in fear of DRM's, hdcp's,... all that M$ illegal monopolizations!
In fact "hardware/software" in general would flourish beyond our wildest dreams, just to put it lightly -not to mentions lots of jobs for lots of people,....
or if you use Linux then donate whatever to your favourite distro $100/year -its not a big deal.
But dear gawd, I don't have-to keep putting money into that giant self-depracating Beetle called the M$ Corporation.
So what about Apple?, well OS"X" is based on Darwin which is all really based on FreeBSD ! -case closed!
 In short, I'm almost Windows-free now ! -thanks to FreeBSD. :)  (well, atleast I still smoke -puf, puff)

ok, question time now.
 I'm no great donater but any advice on where/how/who I can donte $100/year into FreeBSD ?

put your money where your mouth is-thats what my dad used to tell me.

and now,... I think I will

thanks for listening.

P.S. -Don'T you EVER go away FreeBSD X.X 'cause you're all I got now


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