Lack of Flash support is no longer acceptable. Bounty established...

John Kozubik john at
Thu Jun 19 21:54:16 UTC 2008

Don't shoot the messenger:

FreeBSD is not useful as a desktop environment without the ability to
support Flash in a stable, well-performing fashion.

Running IE in Wine is not a solution.

Running another OS in vmware to simply browse the web is not a solution.

Free flash alternatives and flash movie players, etc., are, unfortunately,
not a solution.

ports/linux-flashplayer9 _is_ a solution, however it (currently) fails


First, a bounty has been posted here:

We aren't even asking for new code, per se - anyone merely posting a
recipe that allows linux-flashplayer9 to run, without crashing and with
reasonable performance, with a generic browser (opera, firefox, konqueror)
can claim the bounty.  In fact, a recipe that is entirely inside the Linux
Binary Compatibility layer would be just fine - running the linux version
of a browser through binary compat is reasonable[1].

Second, I am calling on the FreeBSD Foundation to commit time and money to
ensuring that flash functionality is recognized as a high priority for
FreeBSD desktop use.  I am willing to donate funds for this purpose.
Flash 9 will not be the baseline forever, and it is inefficient to ramp up
a grass roots bounty effort each time Adobe releases a new product.  For
this reason I believe it is reasonable for the project itself to ensure
that Flash support is delivered and maintained in a timely fashion.

[1] Since we're all probably already running Linux Binary
    Compat anyway...

John Kozubik - john at -

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