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Raven raven at
Fri Jul 25 09:57:09 UTC 2008

Gerard van Essen wrote:
> is there anything you guys think I should add/change to make the website
> even better for newbies, for people moving on from Linux and those who just
> want to read what's happening in "FreeBSD land".
To BSD users, your Blog makes perfect sense.
I read it with interest, follow the links  and mostly share your view.
. . but I'm a Unix user since 1989.

There are very few things that make "normal" users  interested in FreeBSD.
Maybe our development model, the ports, and our tolerant community.
(Everything comes from a single source, no one tells you to RTFM - 
Newbies like that)
Folks want an OS, not a religion - this is where we beat Linux single 
It is of utmost importance to tell a Windows user, that we are NOT Linux.
Don't say FreeBSD is a Linux alternative - they might get the wrong 
The "marketing strategy" should be a tad more aggressive.
 FreeBSD was there before everyone else, and we will be there after them.
(You wouldn't believe how many ppl are impressed by that fact)
They might also like to know, that FreeBSD/Windows  can be dual booted 
by the Vista loader.
(Afaik, this is not possible with Linux)

  . . and don't embed Flash 9 on a BSD site.

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