BSD talks in JRSL, looking for topics

Remko Lodder remko at
Wed Jul 23 19:30:04 UTC 2008

Sdävtaker wrote:
> Hello,
> Im from next month we will have JRSL (free software
> regional event) here in Argentina, we can get a space to talk about
> BSD, the event will have 2 publics, newbies and experienced users.
> I wondering what to talk about. I guess we can talk about PF for
> experienced users, but what would be a nice topic for newbie public?
> Licenses comparizon?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Sdav

You could do a quick introduction to FreeBSD, how it's being build, what 
license is attached, how the processes work, how the community supports
the FreeBSD Project etc.

I would not start a topic purely on licenses, it should be attached to 
something broader.

Later this year I'll do a presentation (13th of december) in Utrecht 
(Netherlands) where I will be presenting "the life of a FreeBSD 
developer" (or something along those lines), I'll describe my efforts 
for the FreeBSD Dutch Documentation Project, my various roles, how 
FreeBSD works, and things like that...

Hope this helps a bit ;)



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