Beasty costume for the FreeBSD booth Oct 22 -25 2008

OEMS Sagl info at
Wed Jul 16 11:16:34 UTC 2008


1. Any one know where there is a Beasty costume that they can lend me for 
the FreeBSD booth at the Ticino Informatic Trade Show in Lugano Switzerland 
this October 22 - 25

If not does any one have specs for making one ("make build 
beasty_costume_1.0_0" ) I will be sure to ask permission to use this 
likeness from the respective owners.

2. Last call for speakers I still have a couple slots that can be filled for 
this trade show for FreeBSD advocacy/What is FreeBSD topics. please contact 
me right away, so I can secure the dates and times.

Salvatore Albanese

CP 210
6576 Gerra (Gambarogno) TI

Tel  +41 91 859 0730
Fax +41 91 859 0731

E-mail info (at) oems(dot)ch
Skype name: oems_sagl

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