Lack of Flash support is no longer acceptable. Bounty established...

Chad Perrin perrin at
Thu Jul 3 20:39:17 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 03, 2008 at 01:09:21PM +0400, Nico Revin wrote:
> Look at
> There's even Solaris on Sparc. Don't you find it unfair? I think it's not a
> big problem to port flash to freebsd. but it seems to me that soon flash
> will go opensource, as it is a modern trend to open the proprietary systems.
> That's the only explanation why there's flash for solaris but it's still
> none for bsd.

Actually, a more probable explanation is simply that Sun -- as a
monolithic economic power base in the form of a tech corporation -- has
more influence with Adobe than what Adobe execs probably see (however
inaccurately) as a fractious bunch of hobbyists.

Opening up the source for the Flash player is the obvious choice, but it
has been the obvious choice for a long time, and that hasn't swayed Adobe
or Macromedia before it -- and the same can be said of the Adobe Acrobat
viewer (except for the part about Macromedia).  At this point, I'm not
really prepared to make any predictions about whether either the Acrobat
viewer or the Flash player will have its source opened in the foreseeable
future.  Adobe could go either way.

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