sbrk(2), OOM-killer and malloc() overcommit

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Mon Jan 7 07:14:53 PST 2008

"Vadim Goncharov" <vadim_nuclight at> writes:
> There were case in our town when on heavy loaded web-server apache
> processes were dying on memory pressure - aforementioned man said that
> was  due to overcommit and OOM killer working.

Well, technically, it was because the server didn't have enough RAM for
the workload it was given.  Turning off memory overcommit wouldn't fix
that, it would just change the symptoms.

I don't know of a single server OS that doesn't overcommit memory.  The
only difference between them is how they behave once the shit hits the

Anyway, as somebody else mentioned, the details are in the archives - if
you don't know enough English to find them there, I don't see how having
them summarized in English will help.  If the language barrier really is
a problem, ask someone who speaks your language to help you.

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