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> The numbers for this month at seem strangely low. There are
> currently only 1645 systems listed. There was only one FreeBSD system listed
> from Estonia, while I personally have more than one system (in Estonia) which
> did report in on January 1st using the monthly periodic script. Just now I
> re-ran the periodic script manually on one system and the number of FreeBSD
> systems in Estonia instantly doubled :)
> Maybe there is some change-of-year bug in the bsdstats website code?

No, failed monitoring on one of the reporting servers ... we added a second 
circuit onto our network in '07 to deal with some DDoS issues, and moved our 
secondary reporting server onto that circuit end of Dec, and failed to notice 
that it wasn't connecting properly to the database server ...

Everything is fixed now, but we lost the '1st of the month' data that went 
through that reporting server :(

I'm working on fixing the stats, as someone else suggested, so that we're 
dealing with 'last 30 days' (or even 60) vs 'this month', which will hopefully 
make the reported stats a bit less 'jumpy' ... working on that one tonight ...

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