BSDCon Barcelona'08

TooMany Secrets toomany at
Tue Feb 26 19:53:51 UTC 2008


Is my pleasure to announce that the BSDCon Barcelona'08 (in Barcelona,
Spain) is open. This is an event focussed to any BSD system, and we
will try to create an annual event in Spain, where the FreeBSD and the
rest of BSD systems have a good community, and where every year we are
more and more people using any flavour of BSD.

The main page of BSDCon is in: (all in spanish).
If someone is doing some travelling in Spain and would have some
interest in make a presentation... let me know please ;-)

Thank you very much!!

Have a nice day  ;-)

Dijo Confucio:
"Exígete mucho a ti mismo y espera poco de los demás. Así te ahorrarás

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