Karel Miklav karel at
Sun Feb 10 18:43:14 PST 2008

Konrad Heuer wrote:
> Knowing what happened when M$ bought Hotmail - FreeBSD was gradually
> replaced by Windows - I fear that one very famous commercial user
> (and sponsor?) of FreeBSD will move away from FreeBSD.

I don't really know, but...

  1. the last Microsoft OS experiment didn't end that well. Their
     process is rigid and costly.

  2. the satellite commercial BSD project OS X is a success.

  3. Microsoft is trying to enter the UNIX market.

  4. Microsoft is trying to reap the benefits of the open source

  5. FreeBSD has a very corporate-friendly license plus skilled
     and handy community.

  6. every major IT company has their free pet by now, but there
     seem to be a thorn in Microsoft / Novell relationship and it
     is GPL 3.

  7. the FreeBSD Fundation is "Providing legal support on issues
     like understanding the GPLv3"...

It could go in either direction, if it's for the better depends
upon your expectations.


Karel Miklav

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