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Mon Feb 4 05:17:10 PST 2008

"Niki Denev" <nike_d at> writes:
> There's a speculation that Yahoo may reject Microsoft's offer in favor
> of alliance with Google

And like pretty much everything else on Slashdot, it is just that: wild

Yahoo! has rejected offers from Microsoft in the past, but this time,
Microsoft addressed their very generous offer (~60% above last close at
the time it was made) directly to the shareholders, and there is nothing
Y! can do to stop it if enough shareholders decide to bite.

This tactic is commonly known as a hostile takeover.

I am not saying Microsoft will succeed, nor that they will fail.  I
don't know either way, and at this point, I don't think anybody else
does either.

However, when listening to such speculation as you refer to above, you
should take into account the fact that some people may stand to make a
lot of money by convincing the market, or even just a small part of it,
that their speculation is factual rather than pulled out of thin air.

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