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Fri Aug 29 16:02:08 UTC 2008

Daniel, Dear all,

A poster made by myself is also available for print in A3 format[3].
This format is not -really- expensive to order small series (at least 100).
I have some yet printed so if someone -living not so far- need freeBSD posters, please contact me.
And, please, don't ask me about the ans (instead of and) in the bottom ;) 

Other advocacy  news :
  *  A new BSD advocacy group called "BSDFrance" was created in france
     We don't really have a nice website, but a forum and a mailing list exists.
     website :
     wiki    :

  * Next week takes place the "Braderie de Lille"[1] in the city of Lille[2]
    It's a very popular event in the nort of France, and many peoples comes to.
    During the event an Open Source village introduce users to the magic of Linux,
    and we are invited to join them, to demostrate how FreeBSD is cool :) 
    So a bot camp will be there with some BSD enthousiastics.
    More informations :

Best regards

Rodrigo OSORIO
rodrigo {at{ bebik ]dot[ net


On 29/08/08 15:42 +0200, Daniel Seuffert wrote:
> Dear people,
> I'm looking for posters or people willing to create
> posters I can print for events (I have a shiny big Epson 
> machine now).
> Many visitors at variuos events in Europe have expressed 
> desire and there a no posters available now.
> We have 2 drafts available at present:
> (designed by Lars Engels aka lme at
> (designed by Aron Schlesinger)
> I would like to have at least 5-6 posters and I will
> produce a small series of 50 each to test which three
> of them sell best.
> Any contribution is appreciated!
> The posters will not be for sale or any shop,
> they will be distributed for a small fee covering the costs 
> at events like Fosdem etc.
> If there's any surplus the money will be handed over to the 
> FreeBSD foundation.
> Best regards, Daniel
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