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From		Jenna Boller <Jenna at pageonepr.com>
Date		6 Aug 2008 20:39:05
Subject		Beastie up for "Who's The Next Open Source Idol?"
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Hi There,
Not sure if you've seen the contest, yet, but GroundWork Open Source
is running a competition at LinuxWorld this week, "Who's The Next
Open Source Idol?"
"Tux," the reigning champion has been close to the hearts of open
source developers for over a decade, but Firefox is currently in the
lead. BSD's "Beastie" and the Gnu (G-N-U) are also vying for the
title of "Open Source Idol."
We've been taking votes online and at LinuxWorld and also asking
people to audition on site for their favorite OSS icon: http://
Feel free to ask your fans to keep voting for Beastie - it might
become the next open source idol! People can vote here: http://
The contest ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM PDT and the winner will be
announced next Tuesday morning.
Jenna Boller
PAGE ONE PR, San Francisco

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Vote early, vote often! :-P

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