Subjection to gain and keep desktop users

Ismael .... ismaelpsp at
Wed Aug 6 15:42:40 UTC 2008

Since I didn't find a list in the which I could post my complains,
I shall write down here my complains about not being able to
install freebsd but in the form of subjections:

1 - Make it freebsd installable in a logical (precreated?) partition.
I'm not the fist not the last that has wanted to install freebsd in a
logical partition within a extended with no look.

2 - Improve the installer
An alternative graphical installer would be nice

2.1 - if not, at least, mabe make the partition and define the mount
point in the same place

2.2 - add one of the options xfce-user, gnome-user and/or kde-user
to the installer after (or bebore?) x-user and write the apropiate
config to automatically launch [X,G,K]DM.

I'm sure mos of you remember that one of the complains about
GNU/linux used to be how hard it was to install, some of they have
done a great job improving the installer and that's helped the
system to gain popularity.

For now, I'll have to install freebsd in a VM, but I'm saving those
12G hopping to install it there in the near future.

You should really consider that unless you don't mind newbies
prefering your fork pcbsd instead, thought I don't think it
supports installing in a logical partition anyway.

Regards, and keep the good work.
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