Independent security analysis of operating systems/applications

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Tue Oct 30 06:31:12 PDT 2007

"Doug Poland" wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently some friends of mine have started to cite "studies" that
> assert Unix/Linux operating systems are now the most frequently
> attacked platforms.  My friends are not without bias, they work for a
> training firm that almost exclusively sells training for
> Microsoft-based platforms/applications.
> Now my friends cannot cite the actual studies, and I am highly
> skeptical of their claims.  After about an hour of goggling, I could
> find nothing on the web to support such claims.  However, my friends
> are not liars,

If not liars: incompetent fools, or gullible, believing
what their source told them, or drunk when they `learnt', or 
winding you up for a `joke'. 

Not professionals, else one to another, they'd know better than to
excrete likely falsehood, & contentious flame bait, (be it by email,
or over rim of coffee mug or beer glass), without offering you URLs
immediately, on a beer mat, or offering to email URLs to references
next morning, as soon as they returned to keyboard.

I've also known Microsoft using half "friends" who said they'd caught
Microsoft viruses from me (I'm using exclusively self compiled
BSD), such really stupid assertions unretracted in face
of demand for evidence to trace, needs re-classification of "friend" to
"incompetent irresponsible acquanintance: waster, best ignored".

>  and I believe they have information from "somewhere".
> Is anyone aware of the existence of studies of this nature?

Last I looked on my firewall some time back, I saw only probes aimed
at MicroShi. pathnames.  Biggest & softest target ...

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