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- --On Tuesday, October 16, 2007 00:28:55 -0300 "Marc G. Fournier" 
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> Oddly enough, when I did add the /etc/rc.conf option, it was asking if you
> wanted to enable it there or not ... now that you point it out, am looking
> into  it, since it was meant to be optional ... in fact, will add a note to
> the  question that states that enabling in /etc/rc.conf is meant for
> desktop/laptops  that aren't necessarily 'always on', not for servers that
> are ... thanks for  pointing this one out, I didn't realize ...

I'm not sure why we merged it that 'if enabled in periodic.conf, also enable in 
/etc/rc.conf', but I've pulled that back out and made it a seperate optional, 
with a message explaining that that feature is meant for desktop/laptop 
environments, where they aren't 'always on', especially when monthly runs ...

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