[Laptop] Battery Time

Tony tony at tntpro.net
Fri Nov 30 06:38:56 PST 2007

Has anyone else noticed that type of improvement in laptop run times
between Vista and Freebsd?

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> Performance, Stability, and Reliability.  I have also learned (from my

> laptop) that FreeBSD is also a Green OS, as it causes the hardware to 
> use less power than other systems.

If anyone has right contacts in eg HP/Compaq &/or US EPA (Environmental
Protection Agency ?) & other national agencies that compile lists of
preferred hardware for government agency acquisition,  .... ?

We could use that edge to get some good PR & HP/Compaq might get a
lot of government sales so might be keen to help - if anyone knows
right address so an approach isn't lost in spam.

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