Libre Software Meeting in Amiens, France, 10-14 July

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Each July, since July 2000, takes places the Libre Software Meeting [1].
This year, it will take place from the 10Th to the 14Th of July in
Amiens, a not so small town in the Somme bay at about one hour from

For those who want more information about the event, please, skip three
paragraphs below, for the reason why I'm sending this email, here is the
culprit :

This year, I'll be some kind of "manager" of the event (french term is
"régisseur") and I won't really be able to do much for the visitors, so,
I'm asking this to you all... I would be delighted if some could come
and talk about the right side of the force, hum, no, I'm getting all
messed up, and talk about FreeBSD.

We'll have an OpenBSD booth with Wim Vandeputte as we always have, and
it's a bit late to get a real FreeBSD booth (my fault for not emailing
sooner) but if there are enough volunteers we can sure arrange a table
or something :-)

What would have been very nice too would be people actually doing talks
but that may be a bit late too, see [5] if you want can talk about
something, that it fits in the themes[2] and that you can't find the
theme chairman's email.

This is a worldwide meeting for developers and those involved in the
free software community. Every year, more than fifty nationalities are
represented.  According to the specific work methodologies of free
software development, this event is an unique occasion for people to
meet each other, to show their works, to share their knowledge and to
exchange with end-users on a non-business basis.

Each year, 1500 visitors get free access to some 300 lectures given by
well-known experts.

Broached topics are very varied, from cutting edge technical subjects
with world class speakers, to "broad audience" topics such as free
software in education or local administrations field.

Professionals, institutional, enthusiasts, well-informed users or just
curious people are invited to share five days of lectures, workshops,
debates in an atmosphere based on freedom and mutual support that go far
beyond a digital world.

The conferences and tutorials, spanning the whole 5 days of the meeting
are divided in Common times, Public Economy, Enterprises, Sciences /
research / medicine, System, Developers, Education, Documentation /
translations / i18n, Digital creation / multimedia, Communities, Free
over software[2].

Last year, on the village of associations, we had booths from many
french associations around free software and lugs, we also had booths
for KDE, Gnome, Openoffice, Mozilla, Ubuntu and Wikimedia.[3]

And access to everything is of course free :-)

On the accommodations[4] side, there is the student's residence, for
which the cost is pretty low, it should be 10EUR breakfast included, but
I make no promise on that 10EUR price, it could be 9EUR or 12EUR, it
depends on how many reservations we have :-). The number of students
room is limited, so reservation in advance is required. There are also
hotels, which are all very close from the conferences, and a camping
site, which is about 5 kilometers from the conferences.

I may have overlooked something so, if you have any more questions, try
[1] before emailing me :-)

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>
[4] <>
[5] <>

Mathieu Arnold
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