Lack of FreeBSD coverage in the UK media

David King dking at
Tue May 1 17:39:36 UTC 2007

>>>> "We'd like to print more BSD articles but nobody is submitting  
>>>> any."
>>> Surely there must be a reason why people aren't writing/ 
>>> submitting BSD
>>> articles though?
>> That would be the amount of work involved in actually writing
>> something.
> Speaking for myself, the reason I don't write anything or present at
> conferences is because I simply cannot believe that anyone would be
> interested in anything I have to say; the way I do things is  
> obviously the
> same way that everyone else does things, right? ;-)
> An ideas list goes some way to helping.

I think that a good directions to go are how-to articles and new-in- 
$VERSION articles.

As for how-to articles, I have a few idea off of the top of my head:
1. Installation/getting started
2. Setting up a firewall/load balancer
3. Setting up a file-server
4. and so on

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