linux-compat: problems installing rpm, bunch of .so's missing

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Thu Mar 29 07:51:07 UTC 2007

Quoting "Eric P. Scott" <eps+ques0703 at> (from Wed, 28 Mar 2007  
13:46:20 -0700 (PDT)):

> [Alexander Leidinger]
>> Now... what about forgetting about the linux wine which comes with
>> picasa? Try to use the FreeBSD wine.
> At this point we've strayed off-topic, since the original
> poster's questions have been answered.  We're now in the realm of
> advocacy.

The OP wants to run picasa on FreeBSD. I suggest above to use the  
FreeBSD wine instead of the linux wine which comes with picasa. Maybe  
we're able to run picasa with our native wine instead of the linux  
wine which does not work on the linuxulator (and we don't intend to  
fix the linux wine issue in our kernel, as it would not only pessimize  
the context switching of linux programs, but also all FreeBSD  
programs). So the only person reaching into advocacy-land is you.

> I figure there's got to be a Google product manager who's getting
> weekly reports showing download statistics for Windows,
> Macintosh, and Linux offerings.  If they're using those to gauge
> interest--and allocate development resources accordingly, I don't
> see how this helps our cause.
> In all fairness, I have to give Google credit for trying to make
> the best of a bad situation.  I think we can help send the right
> message to the "bean counters" by resolving PR ports/108864 (so
> FreeBSD users will contribute to the Google Earth numbers again).

You are addressing this to the wrong people. flz said in the PR he is  
doing it ASAP, so you should talk to him, not to emulation@ or  
advocacy at .


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