allBSD's "Stop the Blob" Campaign

Can Erkin Acar canacar at
Thu Mar 22 17:19:11 UTC 2007

On Wed, Mar 21, 2007 at 01:45:42PM -0700, Matt Olander wrote:
> Can Erkin Acar wrote:
> >Unfortunately, FreeBSD is doing the Open Source world a disservice
> >by allowing blobs and making "special" deals with vendors for
> >distributing such firmware.  It is already hurting us, and will
> >hurt everyone, including FreeBSD much more in the future.
> If you don't agree to the firmware lincense, don't use it. This *is* 
> redistribution of the firmware, exactly as you suggested, and it will 
> have no detrimental impact in ou attempts to negotiate further.
> You are doing the world a disservice by spreading FUD.

I *fear* that accepting blobs and working around
license restrictions is hurting other projects.

I am *not certain* adding a "licence aggreement framework"
to a BSD licensed OS is a good idea.

I *doubt* that vendors will provide documentation or change their
licenses while there are open source projects that bow to their will.

I guess it *is* FUD after all. Damn!
Have a nice day.

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