Dell is asking what free OS to preinstall

Jeff Rollin jeff.rollin at
Wed Mar 14 16:24:16 UTC 2007

On 14/03/07, Andrew Pantyukhin <infofarmer at> wrote:
> On 3/14/07, Nikolas Britton <nikolas.britton at> wrote:
> > Wrong time wrong place. Not voting for Ubuntu/Debian is the same as
> > voting against it. In this respect it can hurt us very much. Why throw
> > away your vote when you could vote for a group with the same
> > philosophical and political views as us? You need to realize that the
> > survey statistician is going to throw out the votes for FreeBSD.
> Do you think it's the right time and place (the
> freebsd-advocacy mailing list) to advise people
> to vote for Ubuntu instead of FreeBSD? :)

I'm not Nikolas, but let me say why *I* think it's the right place: If
we all vote for Ubuntu, then we increase our chances of getting
hardware that isn't proprietary in the sense of "only having drivers
for MSWin". Also, we avoid the Microsoft tax and can put FreeBSD on it
when we get it.

I know that I, for instance, would probably find fault with SOMETHING
the Dell installers installed whether they chose my favourite
OS/distro or not.


Q: What will happen in the Aftermath?

A: Impossible to tell, since we're still in the Beforemath.

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