Happy Birthday Charlie Root. Charlie Whom, btw?

Remko Lodder remko at elvandar.org
Wed Jun 20 13:35:34 UTC 2007

Doing a guess here;

I think the FreeBSD project (or his grandparents) started at that date
root is the super user for *BSD and Unix derived system and celebrates
it's 14th birthday :-)

I would not know though why it was called Charlie Root, perhaps Kirk
(Mckusick) knows? :-)


On Tue, June 19, 2007 10:40 pm, Patrick Tracanelli wrote:
> For some time I believed that Charlie Root was somehow related to the
> baseball guy, C. H. Root, and it had some sort of story in this name,
> chroot, etc. But the CHRoot baseball buy was born on March 17, and today
> I found out:
> 19 Jun  Charlie Root <root at FreeBSD.org> born in Portland, Oregon, United
> States, 1993
> So, whats the story? The origin of the name? Did someone actaually
> existed who was called like that, other than the CHRoot pitcher?
> --
> Patrick Tracanelli

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