Vision impaired software on FreeBSD?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Fri Jan 26 13:12:19 UTC 2007

"Mr. Jim Vaglia" wrote:
> Thanks, my main reason for inquiring are for pc and Apple manufactures who 
> may be thinking of offering free bsd to Vista and Leppard as a alternative, 
> not really interested in messing up my current configurations unless 
> computer manufactures force a install download of free bsd then will have no 
> choice but to learn the OS. 

Dead end discussing then !  We don't want to coerce you to use
FreeBSD.  If your system vendor might coerce you, tell them to
advertise support jobs (to help you their customer) on
freebsd-jobs at

> Besides installing I am intrested in the use of 
> talking software in tasks such as managing files on the harddrive with free 
> BSD, reading writing mail, instant messages, playing audio files over the 
> net, the use of these applications under free BSD with assistive technology?

FreeBSD has 16,000+ ported packages,

First help yourself:
   Determine precisely manufacturer & model number of your screen
   equivalent blind output device, & what standards if any it might
   conform to or emulate.

   Use a search engine to find if any flavours of BSD or Linux or
   packages (that would probabbly run on any free OS without great work)
   might already support your device, (to learn which OS or
   package users/developers mail list might be best to ask on).

   Install a spare hard disk, or use partitioner in FreeBSD cdrom /tools/
   Try installer, report results with manufacturer & model number.

Numerous public domain source developers would surely be prepared
to work at various discounts to integrate solutions, if
one's not available already.
   Enquire of any national or international blind group of which
   you may be a member, or your goverment, if a free public source
   solution for your device is available, & if not, whether they
   can jointly raise funds to sponsor development of a blind solution
   that's public source based, free for all, (if one doesn't already
   exist).  You'r the one with the problem, the undisclosed device,
   the contacts & the motivation, so if yoy do the arranging, FreeBSD
   or other public source programmers could certainly develop code.

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