Vision impaired software on FreeBSD?

Mr. Jim Vaglia jimjv at
Thu Jan 25 17:54:45 UTC 2007

Thanks, my main reason for inquiring are for pc and Apple manufactures who 
may be thinking of offering free bsd to Vista and Leppard as a alternative, 
not really interested in messing up my current configurations unless 
computer manufactures force a install download of free bsd then will have no 
choice but to learn the OS. Besides installing I am intrested in the use of 
talking software in tasks such as managing files on the harddrive with free 
BSD, reading writing mail, instant messages, playing audio files over the 
net, the use of these applications under free BSD with assistive technology?

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>> Last I heard NetBSD still offers a line mode installer
> Sorry, its installer (sysinst) also uses a curses-based menu system.
> Last I heard OpenBSD still offers a line mode installer :)
> Also, I don't know if it exists, but maybe can quickly
> provide a simple text-based (no curses) front-end to its BSD Installer.
>  Jeremy C. Reed 

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