Vision impaired software on FreeBSD?

Dan Langille dan at
Thu Jan 25 13:23:44 UTC 2007

On 25 Jan 2007 at 13:56, Julian H. Stacey wrote:

> "Mr. Jim Vaglia" wrote:
> > What assistive technology if any will run on FreeBSD? Is this
> > what Mac and Voice Over is based on? Many blind people are mostlikely
> > not interested in paying high cost of Windows Vista. Thanks for
> > spreading the word among the public if all people with physical
> > disabilities and impairments are able to use FreeBSD? Totally, blind
> > from birth, totally in the *dark* on this OS. LOL
> One problem: (last I knew), FreeBSD only has a graphical installer,
> not Ascii text mode. So you might need somoene else to install it
> for you.  

PC-BSD, which installs FreeBSD, has a graphical installer.

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