freebsd-advocacy Digest, Vol 178, Issue 2 -- sysinstall vs BSD Installer

james r relyea jrrelay at
Sat Feb 17 21:37:26 UTC 2007

i would appreciate a new freebsd loading scheme more than a replacement
loader.  the main annoyance to me is the requirement that freebsd be
loaded in a primary partition.  i am not familiar with the structure of
the freebsd partition or what necessitates use of a primary partition.
what i would like could require an overhall of freebsd;  however,  the
few linux variations i have tested allow the linux system to be loaded in
any partition whether primary or extended.

 if i have a disk which has been in use for a while,  all of the primary
partitions may have been used for other systems, and still have
sufficient empty space to accomodate freebsd, but can not load freebsd
for lack of a primary partition.

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