confused FreeBSD entrant

yahya wafula yawafula at
Wed Aug 22 08:51:38 PDT 2007

   Hallo FreeBSD-Advocacy,
   i write to you this mail hoping i find a solution on how i can use
   this program which i've heard many individuals saying it has no
   competitor on the market. well, sometime ago, i designed a plan to
   open up a small VoIP project and i contacted one Interxchange company
   who told me that i'd to install FreeBSD OS. without wasting time, i
   downloaded the latest FreeBSD 6.2-i386. i even went to much extent by
   ordering some two CDs from UK but then the major catastrophe faced me
   on how the program works. after installation and also making a user
   account i logged in but there was a message telling me to check for
   newer errata files. i'm confused because first i can't see a desktop
   despite me seeing how the desktop looks like at

   what should i do and why are this endless errata messages coming my
   way? how am i going to be able to see the desktop and work with the
   program? how am i going to be able to install any other program on my
   pc? do u've any solution to all these obstacles?

   thanks alot with regards.
   confused FreeBSD entrant


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