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Tue Aug 14 00:30:59 PDT 2007

2007/8/14, Randi Harper <randi at>:
> <- FreeBSD also got some camera time on Geek Entertainment TV. Blame Matt for how nervous I look. He looks much better in front of a camera than I do, especially since I was so scared I managed to insult everyone at the conference inadvertently.

Sry, but this site need Adobe Flash 8, and with Flash 7 doesn't
"run"... Why, if we are fighting for a good flash X support in
FreeBSD, we (freebsd community) are posting things that need flash 8
or more?? (flash 9 hangs my firefox).

The photo... a lot of funny ;-)

Have a nice day  ;-)

Dijo Confucio:
"Exígete mucho a ti mismo y espera poco de los demás. Así te ahorrarás

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