BSD + Adobe Flash News Item

Matt Olander matt at
Wed Apr 18 16:25:01 UTC 2007

While Adobe hasn't agreed to port Flash to FreeBSD (yet!), they have 
agreed to re-distribution of the Flash player. I obtained 2 separate 
re-distribution agreements, one for PC-BSD and one for the FreeBSD 

The lead Flash Product Manager at Adobe, Emmy Huang, who is also a 
strong open source advocate, was a great help to me getting this far and 
she will be blogging about this shortly.

In the meantime, here's the very simple press release for PC-BSD/Flash:

I won't give up on a native port, but I'm not holding my breathe either. 
Hopefully, now that we've got the right contacts at Adobe, it will be 
easier to pursue the port.

The more people that can pick this news up in their blogs, the better. 
Also, if someone can post it to the News section of the FreeBSD site, great!


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