About browser plugins

Jouni Laakso jounijl at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 12 11:47:22 UTC 2007


I was wondering if I can share my thougths about plugins. 

Flash player plugin has been in headlines for a long time.
It is frustrating that plugins don't exist in native
Www-browser ports because maby around 1/4 of www-sites uses
flash content. 

Emulated Linux-Opera works with sound support. I've read
about NS-plugin format from opera.com and plugins to Opera
are compatible with plugins with Mozilla Firefox.

Browsers usually (Firefox is) are ported to the operating
system later after the official project and because of this
for the manufacturers, Adobe for example, it must be
difficult to compile a plugin for *BSD or any other os
besides the most used. 

My message: Firefox seems to be the most liked browser.
Maby FreeBSD or any development should be done to the
official Firefox-projects files. This is how the making of
plugins becomes easier for the manufacturers. It seems to
be minor patching, I don't know.

Does anyone know about "NS" plugin format? If only one
plugin is required for all browsers? How about a reference
Web Browser agreement among manufacturers?

With kind regards,

Jouni Laakso

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