Media coordinator? [was: Re: ZFS committed to the FreeBSD base. (fwd)]

Paul Waring paul at
Sun Apr 8 14:42:15 UTC 2007

Sam Lawrance wrote:
> Would it be worthwhile to form a "media coordinator" role?  I can think 
> of two areas of value for this role: announcement coordination and media 
> liaison.

I think something like that would be worthwhile, not only is it much 
easier from the point of view of developers to have one person/group to 
contact about making new announcements, but also from my experience with 
another group (unrelated to BSD or even IT in general)  I've found that 
it makes things much easier for the media if they have one point of 
contact for enquiries who can then pass on the request to the 
appropriate person within the group.

> Media liaison is around providing a single point of contact for media 
> requests, to make it easier for people unfamiliar with the project to 
> find their way to the right people and resources.  Maybe this extends to 
> writing articles (or finding people to do so), and submitting them to 
> journals or magazines.

I think the submission part is the most difficult - plenty of people are 
more than capable of writing articles that would be of a publishable 
standard, but may not want the hassle of chasing up magazine editors in 
an attempt to get their material published.


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