Lack of FreeBSD coverage in the UK media

Paul Waring paul at
Sun Apr 8 12:23:09 UTC 2007

Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I'd happily praise the virtues of FreeBSD in an article (giving
> proportionally equal time to it's drawbacks... few that they are),
> except I don't subscribe to any Linux mags, so I've no clue even what
> they would want.

The feeling I get is that actually a lot of these magazines are a bit 
stretched for articles (as in they only just get enough), so they will 
probably consider any well-written article on a general FreeBSD topic. 
For an idea of what one UK magazine looks for though, here's their 
writing guidelines:

> Maybe those of us on this group could work together? We all work on
> articles to be submitted via the list, and submit them? Payment for
> articles is donated to the FreeBSD project for the various costs it
> has?

That was my original idea - people send in articles, someone proof-reads 
and edits them if necessary and then sends them off to relevant 
magazines with instructions to make cheques payable to the FreeBSD 


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