Lack of FreeBSD coverage in the UK media

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sun Apr 8 10:21:42 UTC 2007

Paul Waring wrote:
> Daniel Seuffert wrote:
> > But don't forget: It's hard work and you need people doing this work.
> > That's the problematic part and that's the main reason imho why we
> > don't have more media attention...
> Is there not a project (other than this mailing list) within the work of 
> the FreeBSD Foundation to promote BSD within the media? All it needs is 
> for a small group of people to contact existing Linux magazines and see 
> what kinds of articles they are looking for and whether they'd be 
> prepared to accept BSD ones, and then try and find people who are 
> willing to write them.
> I've taken a small step in emailing one of the UK magazines and asking 
> them if they'd include BSD groups in their local LUGs listings, it only 
> took a couple of minutes to write the email and the worst they can say 
> is "no".
> Paul
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A friend of mine:
	"Mahmut Kursun (Work)" <mahmut.kursun at>
works for a Linux publisher in Munich (of several mags), he used
to import BSD CDs & knows what it is :-) & he speaks English German
& Turkish, so I suggest send him a copy. (i've cc'd him)

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