Why FreeBSD sucks

Milo Hyson milo at cyberlifelabs.com
Thu Oct 26 05:54:59 UTC 2006

Not to be feeding the troll, but being a scientist, I must wonder  
about the approach used by the poster to arrive at the conclusion  
that "FreeBSD sucks." In order for that conclusion to be valid, they  
must first have disproved all other possible explanations. For  
instance, might it be that it is in fact Dell that sucks? What data  
was used to refute that notion? The poster did not provide any such  
data, therefore one must leave open the possibility that they never  
questioned Dell's quality. That would make their conclusion invalid  
or at the very least premature.

I apologize for allocating so much brain-power to this, but I haven't  
had much caffeine yet today and thought it would be fun to inject a  
bit of humor. Please don't take any of this seriously. :)

Milo Hyson
CyberLife Labs

On Oct 25, 2006, at 17:15, FreeBSD Sucks wrote:

> I have been a strong FreeBSD supporter for some time.  Unfortunetly  
> FreeBSD has turned into one of the shitiest unix variants out there  
> today.  I had a server that would not run FreeBSD properly forcing  
> me to use Windows or Linux.  After having to deal with what I used  
> to consider sub-par operating systems I bought a new workstation so  
> that I could once again run FreeBSD as my workstation.  But much to  
> my suprise FreeBSD crashes on install because of various usb /  
> sata / etc issues. Of course Windows and Linux install and run fine.
> What are you people doing to this operating system?  I mean you  
> cant even run on a fuqn Dell?  Seriously, Linux used to suck and  
> now they are kicking your ass.  Step it up!  This is a very sad day  
> for me, I will no longer run freebsd .. as a workstation, server,  
> paper weight.  Not by choice either, but because the OS cant handle  
> complicated and cutting edge technology like USB .. ohhhh .. or  
> hard drives .oohhhhh
> I have defended this operating system long enough. I'm over it, I'm  
> tired of hacking other peoples code just to get shit to compile,  
> let alone actually run.
> Windows:  Where do you want to go today?
> Linux:    Where do you want to go tomorrow?
> FreeBSD:  Dee Da Dee! (seg fault)
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