Why FreeBSD sucks

FreeBSD Sucks freebsdsucks at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 00:15:43 UTC 2006

I have been a strong FreeBSD supporter for some time.  Unfortunetly FreeBSD 
has turned into one of the shitiest unix variants out there today.  I had a 
server that would not run FreeBSD properly forcing me to use Windows or 
Linux.  After having to deal with what I used to consider sub-par operating 
systems I bought a new workstation so that I could once again run FreeBSD as 
my workstation.  But much to my suprise FreeBSD crashes on install because 
of various usb / sata / etc issues. Of course Windows and Linux install and 
run fine.

What are you people doing to this operating system?  I mean you cant even 
run on a fuqn Dell?  Seriously, Linux used to suck and now they are kicking 
your ass.  Step it up!  This is a very sad day for me, I will no longer run 
freebsd .. as a workstation, server, paper weight.  Not by choice either, 
but because the OS cant handle complicated and cutting edge technology like 
USB .. ohhhh .. or hard drives .oohhhhh

I have defended this operating system long enough. I'm over it, I'm tired of 
hacking other peoples code just to get shit to compile, let alone actually 

Windows:  Where do you want to go today?
Linux:    Where do you want to go tomorrow?
FreeBSD:  Dee Da Dee! (seg fault)

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