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Mon Oct 23 16:41:51 UTC 2006

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Julian H. Stacey wrote:
 >   2, Page 1899 has it all capitals.  All through the book, the .rof
 >   macro generating the automatic footer does it as caps.  Bell sold
 >   Unix through a tedious chain of companies to whoever owns it this week.

Well, the chain isn't that long and tedious, basically AT&T,
USL, Novell and The Open Group.  And even USL doesn't really
count because it was just a "daughter" of AT&T.  The Open
Group owns the trademark for 13 years now.  Saying "whoever
owns it this week" isn't really justified, I think.

 > Whether trademark & the code copyright were always sold in strict
 > tandem I never bothered to track.

They were separated by Novell in 1993.  They transferred
the trademark to The Open Group which is in charge of the
Single UNIX Specification (SUS), which is now a part of
"POSIX" (or vice versa, I always confuse it, but who cares).

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