Deb Goodkin deb at
Mon Oct 23 15:11:40 UTC 2006

Dear Oliver,

Thank you for setting me straight. It wasn't my place to assume the 
requirements for proper UNIX attribution. I based my comment on what our 
lawyer recommended for our trademarks. And, I realize now, this is not 
standard protocol.

When using the FreeBSD mark, as outlined in item 6 of the Trademark 
Terms and Conditions, the trademark symbol needs to follow all prominent 
uses of the mark. This is why I stated, the first use of FreeBSD should 
have the symbol, but the subsequent uses don't need it, per the 
Foundation's requirements.

Thanks again for your help on this issue.


Deb Goodkin
The FreeBSD Foundation

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Deb Goodkin wrote:
>  > [...]
>  > 2. In the description on the back of the DVD case and CD sleeve, only 
>  > use the "r in circle" for the first use of the FreeBSD mark. You can 
>  > probably do the same with Unix.
> No, that will be insufficient.  It is required to add an
> attribution, according to The Open Group which is the owner
> of the UNIX trademark.  Note that it has to be spelled
> "UNIX" (all upper case); any other spellings ("Unix",
> "unix", "UN*X" etc) are considered an infringment of the
> trademark, except in private communications.
> I know a company who once had legal trouble with The Open
> Group because of incorrect usage of the UNIX trademark on
> their web pages.  So this should be taken serious.
> The Open Group has a detailed explanation of the usage
> guidelines for their trademarks (including UNIX) here:
> There's also a quick and simple overview here:
> Best regards
>    Oliver

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