CDROM-Artwork (5-b)

Peer Schaefer peer.schaefer at
Fri Oct 13 05:46:13 PDT 2006

My intention is to give the copyright away to the FreeBSD project and 
let THEM publish the stuff on THEIR website. Since they don't need a 
permission from themselves, there will be no problem ;-)

But -- at the moment -- the "legal status" of my artwork-project is 
somehow questionable. It depends on whether you consider sending drafts 
to the mailing-list is a form of "publishing" or not. But I would see no 
use in asking the FreeBSD-foundation for formal approval of each 
different draft.


> Peer Schaefer <peer.schaefer at> writes:
>> It was not my intention to "publish" any artwork that uses FreeBSD
>> trademarks and Anton Gurals artwork without due permission. But there
>> has to be a way to share drafts with the community before I petition
>> the webmaster to upload it to the FreeBSD-website.
> As I said in private email: as far as I know, your use of these
> trademarks is non-infringing.  You may want to double-check with
> trademark at, though.

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