CDROM-Artwork (5-b)

Peer Schaefer peer.schaefer at
Fri Oct 13 02:50:54 PDT 2006

This is not too easy... ;-)

In the past I received some complaints about posting long lists of links 
and was asked to provide a HTML (and thus keep my mailings short). But 
it seems that there is no consenus regarding these matters in the 
mailing-list (see Dag-Erlings posting below).

Anyway, I removed the HTML and provide -- once more -- a long list of 
links (see below), which will probably also show up at Google, BTW, via 
the mailing-list-archive (so I don't see the point in the end). I also 
would like to emphasize that I will remove all content in a week or so.

It was not my intention to "publish" any artwork that uses FreeBSD 
trademarks and Anton Gurals artwork without due permission. But there 
has to be a way to share drafts with the community before I petition the 
webmaster to upload it to the FreeBSD-website.

Long story short:

The artwork is still here (high-quality 300dpi PNGs, 75dpi 
thumbnail-PNGs, and SVG-source):

(be duly warned: 17MB download)

For a quick look here are some thumbnails:




Best regards,

> Peer Schaefer <peer.schaefer at> writes:
>> For a quick look here are some thumbnails:
>> (this URL is "secret"; no artwork is published by me at this time)
> This "secret" URL is now archived on hundreds of web sites and indexed
> by Google...

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