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Peer Schaefer peer.schaefer at
Fri Oct 13 01:38:38 PDT 2006

I received no "vetos", so here is the modified artwork (all in one: 27 
high-quality 300dpi PNGs, 27 thumbnail-PNGs with 75dpi, and the SVG-source):

(be duly warned: 17MB download)

For a quick look here are some thumbnails:

(this URL is "secret"; no artwork is published by me at this time)

Best regards,

> So, I did a little research (FreeBSD handbook, Google, Wikipedia).
> If I am not wrong, Alpha, AMD64, IA-64 and PC-98x1 are no trademarks 
> at all (somehow surprising, especially for AMD64). i386 and PowerPC 
> are trademarks or at least claimed as such (somehow questionable for 
> "i386" 'cause numbers alone can't be trademarked and the leading "i" 
> doesn't make it a word). ARM, MIPS and UltraSPARC are registered 
> trademarks.
> That leads me to this list:
> Alpha
> AMD64
> ARM(R)
> i386[TM]
> IA-64
> PC-98x1
> PowerPC[TM]
> UltraSPARC(R)
> Any vetos?
> Peer
>> Hi Remko,
>> no, you are not nagging ;-) Feedback is always welcome, and thanks 
>> for pointing at this important issue.
>> I don't agree with you fully, since I didn't USE the trademarks; I 
>> only REFERRED to them. USING them would require a license; REFERRING 
>> to them is free (disturbingly, REFERRING to a trademark -- in 
>> contrast of USING it -- is called "fair use" in anglo-american law, 
>> which is pretty silly since it is no "use"). If you REFER to a 
>> trademark you may spell it differently (e.g. "Unix" in stead of 
>> "UNIX"), as long as you don't degrade or disparage it. Even using the 
>> funny symbols (R) and (TM) is not mandatory, as long as the context 
>> makes clear that you don't claim the trademark to be your own or to 
>> be free.
>> But -- and now comes the important part -- we do use the (R) symbol 
>> for "FreeBSD" itself. Not using it for the other trademarks in this 
>> context might be misunderstood in claiming that they are free. THAT 
>> could bring us into heavy trouble, so I think it's a good idea to 
>> place a (R) resp. (TM) beneath the respecitve name. If we do THAT we 
>> should spell the trademarks correctly, because with (R) resp. (TM) we 
>> indicate that the actually used term is legally protected; and THIS 
>> is only right for the correctly spelled trademark.
>> So, in the end, if nobody as another advice, I will modify the 
>> processor-architecture trademarks to the "correct" spelling and add a 
>> (R) resp. (TM). The aesthetic result doesn't make me happy, but Remko 
>> is right I fear.
>> Best regards,
>> Peer
>> BTW: what about the FreeBSD website? Is there a specific "trademark 
>> policy"? (not about "FreeBSD"[TM] itself but about the cited 
>> trademarks?)
>>> Hello Peer,
>>> You are doing a great job, so first of all a big thank you.
>>> I read/looked at the images and they are great, but ofcourse i am the
>>> nagging user :) and wanted to say, please look at the trademarks etc
>>> for AMD64 for example, i think it is written uppercase and it might use
>>> a AMD64[tm] or something from the AMD company.  It could give you a lot
>>> of problems if there are registered trademarks and you do not use them
>>> (which is sad, but reality :( ).
>>> Apart from that: GREAT keep it up!
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