CDROM-Artwork (4)

Gábor Kövesdán gabor at
Sun Oct 8 04:14:45 PDT 2006

Peer Schaefer wrote:
> Hi Ceri,
> SVGs can be easily edited with opensource tools like Inkscape or 
> Sodipodi.
> Said this, I would be very happy to post new versions for each 
> release. If there are no objections to the versions I posted, I will 
> just adjust them.
> Do you think there would also be interest in a "box-design"? That 
> would require a color-printer that can print on A3-paper (ISO 216 = 
> 297 × 420mm) and that can swallow thick box-paper, so that's nothing 
> for the average user.
> I also thought of "funny versions" for some events (e.g. a "christmas 
> version" with a christmas-tree or father-christmas on it that can be 
> available from the FreeBSD website in December). What do you think? I 
> am relatively new to FreeBSD and don't know if there is a tradition of 
> making funny things like release happenings on the website or such. 
> Hmmm...?
> Best regards,
> Peer
Hi Peer,

are you maybe interested in a "DVD box" version? I mean that black 
plastic box that is a bit taller than the normal CD case. I think 
putting both of the CDs into a double box would be great. Looks better 
than the oldskool fragile CD case. ;)



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