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Sun Oct 8 03:38:00 PDT 2006

one week ago (on Sunday 1st October) I posted some new artworks for 
FreeBSD (see e-mail below). Since then I have received no feedback, 
neither positive nor negative. I would be happy to hear any feedback, 
bad or good.

Please let me know if I posted to the wrong mailing-list or if my 
contribution is of no interest to the project.

Thank you and
best regards,
Peer Schaefer

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Hello once more,

some time ago (2006-09-01 and -02) I posted some CDROM-labels and 
CDROM-sleeves (envelopes) for FreeBSD. I received some kind comments and 
modified my drafts.

Modifications include:
* Now compliant with the logo-guidelines: the "FreeBSD" text/logo is now 
single-color white (not a white "Free" with a red "BSD" as in the first 
* To bring back a "daemonic"-red ;-) the version number is now RED.
* The background-colors are a little bit brighter now (the old colors 
looked great on a monitor but were overly dark on printouts).

Here are some thumbnails (75 dpi):

Here are the high-resolution images (300 dpi):

Here is the SVG source:

The logo and the logo-font are (of course) by Anton Gural.
The text is stolen from the FreeBSD-website.
The remaining artwork is by me. I hereby donate my part of the artwork 
to the FreeBSD project, so you may use and distribute it under any 
license you may choose, e.g. under the BSD-license (you may even place 
it in the Public Domain). Unless the FreeBSD project chooses some other 
license, the FreeBSD license 
( applies. It 
would be nice if you give me some credit, but that's not legaly required.

I would be pleased if these material could be placed at the website 
(e.g. I would suggest putting a link 
to the artwork page in the downloads section, so that everyone who 
downloads an ISO-image can easily obtain the label and sleeve.

Best regards,

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