EV1 Servers makes me sick

Eduardo Meyer dudu.meyer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 12:18:04 PDT 2006

> EV1Servers has never been a major supporter of FreeBSD -- back when
> they were RackShack, it took a petition of several hundred people
> before they started offering FreeBSD at all.
> I wonder if they'll start offering more recent FreeBSD releases next
> month after FreeBSD 5.4 becomes unsupported...

I have mentioned that 5.4 EoL is scheduled to this month (31st) and
asked how they will deal with this.

I have been pointed in private mail to http://www.fdcservers.net/
which seems to treat FreeBSD more seriously too, in case anyone else
is/get disapointed by EV1's lack of professionalism regarding FreeBSD.

Eduardo Meyer
pessoal: dudu.meyer at gmail.com
profissional: ddm.farmaciap at saude.gov.br

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