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Fri May 12 13:06:09 UTC 2006

Darren Pilgrim <darren.pilgrim at> wrote: 
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 15:07:34 +0200
From: "Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at fire.jhs.private>

> the new design was first launched.  A professional web designer for whom 
> I installed her development and productions servers, included an offer 
> to polish the layout to meet design and accessibility best practices. 
> She said it was the least she could do for FreeBSD making it possible to 
> start her business "without giving Microsoft one damn penny."  The 
> response?  Silence.

Kind offer.  Sad it didn't happen.

> I say just close the PR.  No one cared then; why should they care now?

Judge the FreeBSD web team by yearly results:
   Last year's `Summer Of Code' paid a student to work on , supervised by a FreeBSD web team member;
   Result: forcibly small font assertion, (view on 1600 x 1200 +
   Mozilla), boring layout, inaccessible, reduced search functionality
   compared with previously, & colours largely abandoned etc.  ( I
   also reported things via webmaster@, team, & or send-pr).  Old
   version is here:   I lost trust last
   year, & indirect all my pages via

Whichever webmaster(s) imposed the mess for last 8+ months should be sacked.
   There's little chance other existing & new junior web team
   recruits will fix/ reverse their mess 'till those responsible
   for pushing it through are gone.  Normally a team would recruit
   its own [junior] successors, but accepting recruitment as unpaid
   [junior] succesor/ colleague to those who won't acknowledge or
   fix their mess ? No.
   Many web authors (not just BSD, paid or unpaid) play with pages
   to show off HTML skills also for resumes.  It detracts from pages
   that should be designed for Readers, not as HTML toys for Writers.
Julian Stacey.  Consultant Unix Net & Sys. Eng., Munich.

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